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Welcome to Worldwide Hotels 4 Sale

Worldwide hotels 4 sale are a company specializing in the sale and acquisition of hotels around the world.

We acknowledge and understand the absolute necessity for privacy on behalf of both the sellers and the buyers.

This fact will be apparent to all genuinely interested parties who will understand that we are unable to furnish detailed information regarding hotels for sale until we have verified basic information, genuine interest and ability to progress from all new buyers.

This should only be necessary for the first enquiry, thereafter as a recognized hotel professional access to our comprehensive catalogue of hotels ranging from small boutique hotel to some of the largest most prestigious hotels in the world should be a formality.

Whether you require us to sell your hotel or wish us to source the hotel to meet your exact requirements you can rely on our complete discretion. (No information will be sent out with regard to the hotels for sale; until we are satisfied and confidentiality agreements are always put in place before we reveal any details of a transaction)

To aid us with finding your ideal hotel we will require basic information at the initial and more in depth shortly afterwards.

Initial information required will be:

Country area price bracket and star rating
Position (Buyer, broker with or without mandate etc)
Management contract requirements

We will also require the following

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Letter of Intent
Non-Circumvention Agreement
Proof of Funds

Once we receive the initial information we can furnish you with very basic details pertaining to the type and approximate location .

On receipt of secondary information detailed information will be made available.

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